August 5, 2017
14 days left
until our reunion.
WE'RE INTO THE HOME STRETCH SO NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO PUCHASE YOUR TICKETS.  MANY OF YOUR OLDEST FRIENDS HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED SO LET'S MAKE THIS THE BIGGEST BLOWOUT IN 40 YEARS!  (Speaking of blowouts, check out the Senior Skip Day pictures in the Class of 77 Photo Albumn.  Many thanks to the contributors.)  

Here's what's happening at the reunion:
  • 5:00pm:  The Lismore doors open.
  • 6:00pm:  Brief Program:
    • Welcome back to the class.
    • Tribute to class members that we've lost.
    • Acknowledgements/Thank You to the class and others who are making this a special event.
    • Door Prizes!  Early Abe Discount Door Prize and Pre-6:00pm Arrivals Door Prizes (hint, hint).
    • Video trip back to 1977 to really get the party started!
  • The party kicks into high gear until -
  • 7:30pm:  My Big Italian Buffet prepared by the Lismore Chefs!
  • The party continues until -
  • 9:00pm:  Class Picture on the Lismore stage!
  • Additional planned surprises between the class picture and -
  • 11:00pm:  The Lismore doors close and we're transported back to 2017.
Friday Night!
  • The class will gather at the Dive Bar on the roof of the Lismore from 8:00pm - ? (When was the last time any of us saw bar time?).
  • Putnam Hts. grads will connect at Mona Lisa's from 4:00pm - 7:00pm prior to the Lismore gathering.
  • Arlington Hts. grads are invited to the Livery for a pre-Dive Bar gathering from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.
  • Please let us know about any other grade school/neighborhood gatherings that are in the works and we'll help you get the word out via the website.
Please see below and the Detials of Events page for more info regarding the reunion and surrounding events.
Tickets are still just $50.00!  They will remain at the $50.00 price until the reunion but the price at the door will be $60.00 so buy them now!

You may pay here on the site by credit card or you can make a check out to EC Memorial Class of 77/Jeff Close and mail it to:
EC Memorial Class of 77
5630 Rustic Woods Drive
Madison, WI 53716
If you purchased tickets at the $65.00 price, you are entitled to a $15.00 refund.  Please contact Jeff Close at to request your refund.

You will be entitled to a full refund (minus processing fees), if you can't make it!  Purchase those tickets now to help us create the best possible reunion experience for yourselves and your friends, both old and new!  Here’s what’s included in your ticket for this milestone reunion event:
  • The venue itself:  The Lismore Hotel is the crown jewel at the heart of the Eau Claire renaissance that is transforming the area into a cultural hub of the upper Midwest.
  • The chefs at the Lismore are preparing their “My Big Italian Buffet” of antipasto, chicken parmesan, meat & veggie lasagna, and tiramisu for our dinner.  In addition, we can accommodate any special dietary needs.  Just let us know. 
  • Music and dancing featuring the Hits of 1977!
  •  A display of fashions and other actual artifacts from our days at MHS in the 70s.  Bring your own items to add to the fun and nostalgia! 
  • A Photo Booth to create new memories!
  •  A Significant Other Support (SOS) area so that your spouse/partner/main squeeze can take a break from all the inside “MHS in the 70s” talk! 
  • A special display for paying our respects to the classmates that we’ve lost along the way.  A memorial tribute video will also be shown as part of the program.
  •  Other vintage/video slide shows recalling the fun that was the Class of 77! 
  • A Graffiti Wall and Art Table for the more creative among us to express their thoughts regarding their MHS experience, their journeys since then, and the reunion itself.
  •  Did we mention a Cash Bar and Door Prizes!
  • Friday Night!:  Come to the Dive Bar on the rooftop of the Lismore Hotel for an informal pre-reunion gathering!  The Dive Bar was actually the hotel pool back in the 70s.  The fun runs from 8:00pm - Midnight.  See the Details of Events Page for details!
  • Discounted golf is available at Hickory Hills Golf Course compliments of classmate John Norby! The discount period has now been extended to include Friday!  See the Details of Events page for more info. 
  • Take in the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday morning!
  •  For you early arrivals, the free Summer Concert Series at Phoenix Park is featuring Pat Keen & Sniffle Party w/Lizzie Diane, on Thursday, Aug. 3rd, 6:30pm – 8:30pm! 
  • Hotel rooms are available at special discounted MHS Class of 77 rates at various locations.  Don’t delay, however, as there are deadlines on the special rates.  Details can be found on the Accommodations Page.
Check out the pictures, blogs, quiz, guest book, and memorials and we encourage you to contribute to each.  The most recent photo contributions are awesome!  We’d like to share your contributions in the reunion program.  Please make special note of the blogs and Guest Book posts regarding classmates that we’re still trying to reach.  Let us know if you can help or if you happen to be one of those individuals listed.

Jeff Michealson: Early Abe Registration Door Prize Winner!
Jeff Michealson: Early Abe Registration Door Prize Winner!
After an exhaustive selection process, we can announce that Jeff Michealson is the winner of the fabulous Early Abe Registration Door Prize!  Jeff's prize will be announced and awarded at the reunion.  Jeff, who always got his assignments in on time, would like to thank the little people who helped him along the way to this momentous achievement.

We’ll see you at the reunion!
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